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 July 22, 2005

The Final Flashback
Mark: BIONICLE® Comic #25: The Final Battle takes us on a trip back in time, back to when "the Era of Shadow was about to begin."

This is accomplished by showing RAHAGA KUALUS' dream as he lies unconcious among the rubble of issue #24. Odd then that it would be told mostly from the perspective of TOA HAGAH IRUINI, but it is. The story brings together elements as diverse as MAKUTA, ROODAKA, KREKKA, NIDHIKI, FROSTELUS, the Mask of Light, and yes EXO-TOA.

The big news in the ad pages is all about
  • The TOA HORDIKA search for the Mask of Light in new, animated movies

  • RHOTUKA spinner challenge game

  • "Discover the fate of TURAGA DUME" in exclusive web comics

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