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 July 20, 2005

Review: 8762 TOA IRUINI
Mark: Set 8762, TOA IRUINI, is a "Special Edition," I am guessing, because he and TOA NORIK stand as the only representatives of the TOA HAGAH. If that is not "special" enough for you, one can always cite all of those gold accessories.

Collectors will be most interested in TOA IRUINI's new mask and his new dark green RHOTUKA. TOA IRUINI also comes with a gold RHOTUKA (you can see it above if you look closely), but it appears to be the same spinner as that found in the RAHAGA IRUINI set. (That at least makes some sense.) Oh, and that gold Chronicler's Tool is nothing to scoff at either.

One thing about TOA IRUINI's staff: it is long! Really, really long. But, oddly enough, not quite long enough to help hold the staff upright, so TOA IRUINI tends to hold it down low, horizontally like a lance. That gives him a very "knight-like" look from the side. You can use the gear on his back to raise and lower that right arm, but when you let go gravity takes over.

The RHOTUKA launcher/shield is an interesting piece to look at, but I don't hold out too much hope for it as a launcher. One nice touch though it is big enough to hide almost all of a fully-inserted ripcord.

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