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 July 16, 2005

Review: 8756 SIDORAK VISORAK King
Mark: SIDORAK is that pivotal character that every one talks about in Act I, but does not step onto the stage until Act II. ROODAKA is setting him up to be a fool, but I am not so certain. While SIDORAK may be mysterious, there is not much mysterious about the new set.

At first glance, SIDORAK comes from the too-many-pieces-to-know-what-to-do-with-them school of design. Indeed, SIDORAK's extremeties are doubly-constructed throughout. Not everybody can wear feet on their thighs, but it seems to work better for him than it did for KREKKA.

As far as pieces go, there is not much here that is new or of much interest other than perhaps those two big black gears in SIDORAK's shoulders. Some of the hip joints are striped again, much like in the bad-guy sets from last year.

In addition to the omnipresent RHOTUKA launcher in his three-fingered right hand, SIDORAK sports an extendable/retractable "herding blade". You can see it in its two positions in the images below.

I was concerned that SIDORAK's large upper mass would lead to him collapse under his own weight. He stood up well for over a day, but he soon began to sag while I was manipulating him for the photos. His left arm is particularly loose and just hangs there. I believe this is on purpose, because you can make SIDORAK do impressive sweeping motions with his herding blade just by moving him around a little bit.

The RHOTUKA launcher in the hand is an interesting idea. The "fingers" grasp the spinner nicely. I am going to stick with the VISORAK as my preferred launching platform for now though.

SIDORAK's best feature is without a doubt his head. It can be posed just about any way you would want to pose it. And that face is, to quote my son, "scary".

Here is some of the official story text about SIDORAK:

King of the VISORAK!
Mighty leader of the VISORAK horde, SIDORAK is a veteran of a thousand conquests. Now he is determined to use his spider creature legions to overrun Metru Nui and defeat the TOA HORDIKA! With his herding blade, he can command the VISORAK without needing to speak. His RHOTUKA spinners compel anyone they strike to obey him completely.

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