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 July 13, 2005

Review: Living Buzzsaws
Mark: For a complete review of VISORAK VOHTARAK, click here.

VISORAK KEELERAK is what you would expect from a VISORAK in shades of green. I left the ripcord in the pictures this time (except for the can pose) so you can see what it looks like in. I was disappointed to discover that the ripcords are all black, unlike the pictures on LEGO Shop at Home online where they are color-coordinated with the VISORAK.

Here is some of the official story text about VISORAK KEELERAK:

Nothing gets in their way!

Obstacles melt away before the acid spinners of the KEELERAK! By leaping and whirling, KEELERAK can become living buzzsaws and defeat multiple foes at once.

The most unpredictable of all six breeds, KEELERAK will fight fiercely one moment, then disappear to go hunt the next. Their spinners contain an acidic venom that can eat through any substance. The ends of their legs are razor sharp, and KEELERAK have been known to leap in the air and whirl at high speed, becoming VISORAK buzzsaws.

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