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 June 9, 2005

Review: Qubic's TOA WHENUA Day Pack Backpack
Mark: Qubic's TOA WHENUA "Day Pack" backpack is a full-size padded backpack which is quite comfortable even for full-sized adults. The extra-long straps on the back are adjustable. There is a handle on top for one-handed carrying. Each side has a small mesh pocket, there is an inside pocket near the top, and the front of the pack features a circular pocket with TOA WHENUA's mask in translucent plastic. There is also an elastic cord for holding items on the outside of the pack.

There is plenty of room on the inside of the pack. Its polyester/nylon construction makes it lightweight. A unique feature is an interior pass-through hole to the mask pocket and another small pass-through at the top of the pack (hidden in the picture by the elastic zipper pulls). This design is so you can carry your audio player in your backpack and still listen to it on your headphones.

The reflective silver stripes offer not only high-visibility but also a place to clip your collectible masks the same ones that clip onto Qubic's shoes. All-in-all I found the affordable pack to be very stylish and comfortable, and an absolute necessity for lugging things around zoos and theme parks.

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