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 May 24, 2005

Reign of Darkness
Mark: BIONICLE® 24: Reign of Darkness has arrived on the scene with a surprising twist: two covers. There is a "Standard Cover" (above right) with art by Randy Elliot and color by Pete Pantazis and a "Variant Cover" (above left) with art and colors by Art Directory/Designer Toby Dutkiewicz. The "Variant Cover" was distributed with the BrickMaster™ Edition of the May/June 2005 LEGO® Magazine.

This is very much TOA HORDIKA NUJU's and TOA HORDIKA WHENUA's tale. The VISORAK are hot on their trail. RAHAGA KUALUS is just about to reveal who is really behind their reign of darkness when instead VOHTARAK rain down from the ceiling ventilation system.

SIDORAK and ROODAKA figure into the plot too, of course, and they are featured on the back of the comic.

The VISORAK get the centerfold:

Also of interest is the "Dark Hunter Building Challenge" we mentioned earlier:

Entries, which need to be received by July 15, have a chance to become part of a BIONICLE Dark Hunters Guide book to be published next year. Featured above is "the Shadowed One, Sentrakh."

And speaking of Guide books, there is an ad for the BIONICLE: RAHI BEASTS guide book:

MoD reader jetslandingboard noted on Sunday that the guide is actually available now online from and Barnes & Noble (as "Beastiary").

There is also the usual full page ad for I say "usual," but this is really a very unusual ad in that we are treated to previews of the new animated movies, a new "RHOTUKA Spinner Challenge" game, new web comics, new characters, and more. Let us hope that they can deliver.

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