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 April 19, 2005

Mark: The RACERS line has come a long way from those strange little aliens with ejector seats. If you are a BrickMaster subscriber, you probably received one of these four "TINY TURBOS" several weeks back:



Instructions are included to make combined models from 8641 FLAME GLIDER/8642 MONSTER CRUSHER and 8643 POWER CRUISER/8644 STREET MANIAC. Four more "TINY TURBOS" join the race in August:



These sets also pair up for combination models: 8655 RX SPRINTER with 8658 BIG BLING WHEELIE, and 8656 F6 TRUCK with 8657 ATR 4. All eight TINY TURBOS retail for US$3.99/CA$4.99.

Out now are 8647 NIGHT RACER and 8648 BUZZ SAW (US$9.99/CA$14.99 each), two vehicles with pull-back motors and glow-in-the-dark detailing:


For TECHNIC® fans with aggressive tendencies, there are three new "SLAMMERS": 8645 MUSCLE SLAMMER BIKE (US$9.99/CA$14.99), 8646 SPEED SLAMMER BIKE (US$9.99/CA$14.99), and 8650 FURIOUS SLAMMER RACER (US$19.99/CA$29.99). It is always fun to see how various BIONICLE® pieces are integrated into these sets.



Last, but definitely not least, are three "MODELS" for the build-it-and-display-it crowd: 8651 MONSTER TRUCK (US$19.99/CA$29.99), 8649 STREET FIGHTER (US$49.99/CA$69.99), and 8652 ENZO FERRARI (US$39.99/CA$59.99).



The beautiful Ferrari is out now and the other two sets will debut in August. The STREET FIGHTER is especially impressive with a piece count of 622 pieces.

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