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Who is your favorite Toa?


 February 27, 2005

Which Letter Is A Pirate's Favorite?
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All of these "4+ Pirates" sets are available now. As best I can tell, Captain Kragg and Captain Redbeard are having a bit of a squabble over a treasure map, half of which belongs to Captain Kragg and the other half belongs to Captain Redbeard. These sets are quick-build, and great for imaginative pirate play.

7070 Catapult Raft

Try to make a getaway on the trusty raft! Launch an attack on the approaching enemy swashbuckler with the working catapult.
23 pieces. Ages 4+
Available now.

7072 Captain Kragg's Pirate Boat

Sail the high seas and prepare to rival your sworn enemy Captain Redbeard! You must protect your treasure and sail to safety! Comes with treasure chest filled with gold and pirate minifigure.
38 pieces. Ages 4+
Available now.

7074 Skull Island

Welcome to spooky Skull Island! Watch out for the crocodiles and booby traps around every corner. Comes with pirate minifigures and creepy spiders.
80 pieces. Ages 4+
Available now.

7075 Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

Sail the open seas with Captain Redbeard and his crew! This pirate ship really floats in water and includes pirate minifigures. It's sure to provide hours of fun and adventure on the high seas.
134 pieces. Ages 4+
Available now.

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