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 February 25, 2005

Harry Potter
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One of three movies coming out this year with LEGO® Set tie-ins, Harry Potter™ is bringing some sets you might not expect to see otherwise.

4762 Rescue From The Merpeople

Guarded by a fearsome merman, Ron and Hermione are fast asleep at the bottom of the lake. Can Harry and the shark-headed Viktor Krum rescue them? A secret lever will wake them up, but watch out for the water demons!
175 pieces. Ages 6+
Available in October.

4766 Graveyard Duel

Discover the hidden secrets of the sinister graveyard! The evil Lord Voldemort™ is back, and that means danger for Harry Potter™. As Wormtail and the Death Eater look on, Harry must face Voldemort in the duel of his life!
548 pieces. Ages 7+
Available in October.

4767 Harry And The Hungarian Horntail

Harry needs the golden egg, but he'll have to get past the Hungarian Horntail first. When the vicious dragon breaks loose, not even the audience is safe! Launch Harry's broom, then use his magnetic hand to grab the prize!
265 pieces. Ages 6+
Available in October.

4768 The Durmstrang Ship

A mysterious ship rises from the lake near Hogwarts Castle™. The Durmstrang Institute has arrived! Come aboard the suprise-filled ship and meet Professor Karkaroff and Viktor Krum, Harry's newest rival for the Triwizard Cup.
550 pieces. Ages 8+
Available in October.

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