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 February 24, 2005

TECHNIC® in 2005 brings us five new sets with an emphasis on "construction." The 8421 Mobile Crane was particularly attractive to one of the VIP Gala attendees. I had to go back several times until he finally moved on and I could get a picture.


8418 Mini Loader

A quick and easy model to build with cool functionality that introduces a younger builder to the more advanced building featured in the LEGO® TECHNIC® line.
66 pieces. Ages 6+
Available now.


8419 Excavator

This cool model features a rotating upper body and rolling Caterpillar tracks. Two knobs allow individual control of both the "shoulder" and the "elbow" of the mechanical arm. Alternative model instructions illustrate a dozer blade that can be raised and lowered.
286 pieces. Ages 6+
Available now.


8420 Street Bike (X-Ray)

Vrrroom! Advanced builders can use their imaginations to create this realistic, detail-oriented street bike. This motorbike's three-dimensional building system delivers a unique and challenging play experience.
506 pieces. Ages 9+
Available in August.


8416 Forklift

This forklift is power-packed with special functions just like the real thing! Set includes steering, a telescope lift that rises to twice its original height and a lever that controls the pitch of the fork. Set also includes a pallet.
729 pieces. Ages 9+
Available in August.


8421 Mobile Crane

For the most intricate and challenging building experience, this set offers hours of advanced construction fun. Gears, pulleys, and other technical elements provide the coolest construction functions.
1867 pieces. Ages 10+
Available in August.

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