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 February 23, 2005

LEGO Factory and Nathan Sawaya
Mark: As you may recall, Nathan Sawaya was one of three winners of the LEGOLAND Master Model Builder Competition last year. After working at LEGOLAND, he has since moved on to freelance brick work.

Nathan could not resist the LEGO Factory competition though and entered the Statue of Liberty model (complete with pedestal, of course) shown above. Not only did it win its weekly competition, but it is also one of only two Senior Builder LEGO Factory Grand Prize Winners, so you will be able to actually purchase this set in the future.

Nathan was one of the guests at the VIP Gala on Saturday and I had the great pleasure of speaking with him there. He is very charming, personable, and a great unofficial ambassador for the LEGO community. You can see Nathan yourself this Friday night on "The LATE SHOW with David Letterman" at 11:30 PM EST on CBS. Forum Link

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