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 February 15, 2005

Challenge of the Hordika
Mark: In BIONICLE® Adventures #8: Challenge of the Hordika, author Greg Farshtey takes the reader on a wild ride of discovery and adventure among the VISORAK-infested streets of Metru Nui. The TOA HORDIKA, freshly mutated by the VISORAK and saved by the RAHAGA, are seeking airship parts in an attempt to rescue the sleeping MATORAN from the Coliseum. The RAHAGA are tagging along as guides, both physical and spiritual. The VISORAK are seeking the return of their stolen prey.

This book is to me the most literary of the BIONICLE books to date. The transition from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 is just one example of the excellent writing within it. But its literary quality does not in any way detract from the enormous amount of adventure packed between its pages. The themes and action of this story are very cinematic, and it would have made an excellent movie.

In addition to the TOA HORDIKA, RAHAGA, and VISORAK, Challenge of the Hordika returns ROODAKA and many RAHI to the story and also gives us our first encounters with SIDORAK and the Zivon. If the book suffers any faults, it is that much description has been cast aside to keep the page count down. In the quibble department, the mixture of "feet" and "bios" as units used in the book is a bit distracting; I prefer just using one or the other.

Faults and quibbles aside, Challenge of the Hordika is easily my favorite BIONICLE book so far.

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