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 January 25, 2005

Mark: I usually use the extra-large grey baseplates for my displays, but I opted for the smaller blue plate this time for two reasons: 1) there just are not that many different RHOTUKA to display, and 2) the hanger pieces I am using do not appear to be available in grey but they are available in blue.

You might think that the RHOTUKA would easily slip themselves off of those blue hangers, but that is not the case. I did not use any photographic tricks. The picture you see is just as it appears hanging behind me. The RHOTUKA are easy to remove and replace by hand if you want though. Still, if you do something similar, I suggest that you load the RHOTUKA with the base plate flat on a table and then hang them all at once.

The display hanger is interesting too. It was borne out of desperation one night when I did not have enough of my usual hangers to go around. It is not really structurally sound. The TOA heads can theoretically pop off of those axles, allowing the display to crash to the floor. In practice though, the friction is great enough that does not happen.

As far as the RHOTUKA are concerned, the first two rows are the twelve different bi-color spinners from the RHOTUKA packs. The third row are the six RAHAGA RHOTUKA. A single silver RHOTUKA hangs on the bottom row as a representative of the TOA HORDIKA RHOTUKA.

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