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 January 21, 2005

Magazines Bulging With BIONICLE!
Mark: I have both the BrickMaster™ and free editions of the January/February 2005 LEGO® Magazine and they are both stuffed full of BIONICLE® stuff. First up, the covers (shown above).

I collect the BIONICLE-themed LEGO Magazine covers, so I am always glad to see another one. This time around we get two. The two covers are near-mirror images of each other, but more importantly the BrickMaster cover is rotated ninety degrees and takes up the back cover too, creating a 10" x 16" (270 mm x 400 mm) poster. I collect BIONICLE posters too (OK, I collect everything BIONICLE), so well, you know.

The inside back cover of both editions has the "Special Offers for LEGO Club Members" which feature TOA HORDIKA NOKAMA and TOA HORDIKA VAKAMA. I suppose this would have been more special a month ago.

Deeper inside the magazines you will find that BIONICLE has dominated the "2004 LEGO Golden Brick Awards!" BIONICLE won "Favorite LEGO Theme of 2004", Metru Nui won "Favorite LEGO Place I'd Like To Visit", and MAKUTA won "Favorite Villain of 2004". Also, TOA VAKAMA won "Favorite TOA METRU of 2004".

I scanned the whole page because there are two contests there which may interest our readers: "LEGO Lab R.A.T.S." and "Name That LEGO Model". LEGO Lab R.A.T.S. gives you an opportunity to display three of your best LEGO creations in an attempt to become a reviewer of unreleased sets. The deadline for the Lab R.A.T.S. contest is February 21, 2005 and the deadline for the "Name That LEGO Model" contest is March 15, 2005.

Near the center of the free magazine is a "sneak preview" of some of the BIONICLE creatures in the Rahi Guide due this summer from Scholastic Books. These five "Creatures of Metru Nui" are just the combiners from the RAHAGA and TOA HORDIKA sets.

The BrickMaster edition of the magazine has a similar spread, only it is a four-page fold-out centerfold which includes three more Rahi. The "Phase Dragon" appears to be a LEGO-created model which features LEWA NUVA's mask and lots of other green pieces. The "Blade Burrower" is a creation of Daniel Settle which probably comes from last year's Rahi contest.

The "Zivon" is a VISORAK combiner and offers our first good look at actual VISORAK pieces. Each VISORAK has a unique head and body consisting of a single piece. The rip-cords for launching the RHOTUKA are inserted from the back, where they resemble a tail, and stick out the front, where they resemble a proboscis.

Finally, we have the "Toa Building Challenge". That shadowy fellow is TOA IRUINI and fifty of those sets will be given away as First Prizes. You probably can't tell from the scans, but he has a green and gold color scheme. He wants you to create your own Toa using parts only from your LEGO BIONICLE collection and write an essay of no more than 100 words about him or her.

The contest is only open to LEGO BrickMaster subscribers and entries must be received before March 15, 2005. The Grand Prize will feature the winner's Toa in BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap and includes five signed copies of the book along with the BATTLE OF METRU NUI (#8759) and TOA IRUINI (#8762) sets.

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