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 January 20, 2005

HORDIKA Unleashed!
Mark: The latest DC Comic, #22 BIONICLE® METRU NUI: HORDIKA UNLEASHED!, transitions us from TOA METRU to TOA HORDIKA. At first read, it is a bit talky and visually busy. Most pages have five or six panels on them. But what was at first a bit disappointing turns out to be much more enjoyable on a second or third reading.

Much of the visual clutter is unavoidable. Metru Nui is in a dark shambles with shadows, cracks, rubble, and webbing everywhere. Add to that the detailed, true-to-life rendering of the TOA and other toys and you have a great deal of drawing!

The TOA METRU at the beginning are a little off too thin in the face and too bulky in the shoulders. No matter though because the stars of this comic are the sets of 2005: TOA HORDIKA, RAHAGA, VISORAK, and a special guest appearance by ROODAKA. These are beautifully displayed in pictures like that of the VISORAK belly and ROODAKA shown below.

I am usually more interested in the advertisements than the actual comic, but because the TOA HORDIKA and RAHAGA were released early there is not much to speak of here. The center-fold is all about the TOA HORDIKA. The inside back cover page is dedicated to the RHOTUKA spinners carried by the RAHAGA and TOA HORDIKA. Before that is a full-page ad for B2. Elsewhere in the comic is a page with three ideas for how to play games with your RHOTUKA. Notably absent is any reference whatsoever to

On the back page are the six TOA HORDIKA, apparently in free-fall:

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