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 January 9, 2005

Spinning Wheel, Round And Round
Mark: You just know those RHOTUKA spinners that come with the RAHAGA, the TOA HORDIKA, and (later) the VISORAK are going to get lost behind the couch, under the bed, and down the sewer grate. That is where Set #8748 comes in: five RHOTUKA in a box.

One of the RHOTUKA is a solid silver plastic with a RHOTUKA code written upon it. I have added the RHOTUKA box code to the RHOTUKA Code Repository, so if you feel like adding your codes to our little experiment, then please do!

The other four RHOTUKA are not, as the image on LEGO® Shop At Home implies, solid colors. Rather they are one of twelve colors mixed with silver. That there are twelve colors should not be too surprising to anyone who can count and has looked at the side of the box:

Those of you who can count probably also noticed that I only have eleven in my picture. The colors pictured are (from left-to-right, top-to-bottom): Light Blue, Blue, Metallic Blue, Dark Green, Lime, Yellow, Dark Red, Red, Orange, Brown, and White. The missing color is Black.

I'll spare you the detailed analysis this time again, but I do want you to know that you need nine boxes before you have a 50/50 chance of getting a complete collection. I bought ten boxes, so that tells you something about my bad luck. The good news is, I only need buy two more boxes to have a 50/50 chance of getting the one color I am missing.

These RHOTUKA are not exact replacements for those found in the RAHAGA sets, whice are solid colors. They are functionally equivalent though. I like the mixed-color KRAATA and KANOHI, but I find I prefer the solid color RHOTUKA. Time will tell whether the VISORAK get the solid colors, the solid silver rotors of the TOA HORDIKA, or some of these mixed colors.

All of the new 2005 BIONICLE® sets, including these 8748 RHOTUKA packs, are showing up now in stores like Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us. Like the earlier collectibles before them, Toys "R" Us appears to be charging $1 per box extra compared to other stores.

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