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 December 1, 2004

Mark: Fearless and brave, POUKS challenges the largest Rahi, including the KIKANALO and the ash bear. He can launch his RHOTUKA lasso spinner low to the ground, upending the beasts and stunning them long enough for him to close in.

What you see is what you get with the RAHAGA. In what looks like a recycling effort, they are the intersection of the RAHKSHI, BOHROK, and Metru Nui MATORAN. Each of the six is built in the same manner with the same pieces. The sole exception are the RAHKSHI staff heads, which are at least functionally equivalent.

That said, you can't help but like the little critters because they are so darn cute and so much fun to play with. The cuteness stems from their TURAGA-like stature coupled with their hunter-like attitude. The fun comes courtesy of the RHOTUKA rotor and launching system.

If you have ever played with a toy helicopter rotor and rip-stick, you will be pleasantly surprised by what a difference strict tolerances and a quality plastic can make in these flying toys. The action is incredibly smooth, and those rotors can really fly.

The back of the box claims 15 meters or 50 feet, but I was unable to obtain that distance. I think 25 feet is a more reasonable claim on a calm day. I routinely made it up over 30 feet, but if I want to go 50 feet I think I'll have to launch out of a fifth-story window on a breezy day.

That is still an incredibly good distance for a rotor/rip-stick system that is this small. If I could change anything about the set, it would be to increase the size of the rotor and to lengthen the rip-stick.

The rotor itself contains a code written in the Matoran script. The code on this rotor was difficult to see and printed upside down. The codes include numbers and don't seem to follow any rhyme or reason. Given the lack of visibility and lack of meaningfulness of the codes, I don't expect the rotors to be collected and displayed like KANOKA. The codes do serve a purpose in that they earn you points when they are entered into the Kanoka Club.

The RAHAGA are very poseable, but you will need to make some adjustments if you want to display them in their box poses. For example, POUKS requires an action-disabling flip of the left shoulder to get his pose right.

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