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 April 6, 2002

Built Like A Brick

To start with, we've got shots of the lifesize TAHU, which is built entirely using basic LEGO bricks, and is very faithful to the original design. Including the gear system. (I did notice that the eye-piece is made out of opaque red bricks instead of trans-red ones) This statue has little red diodes mounted in the eyes, but when I saw it in February it appeared that they were no longer working. Like most official brick-sculptures, this one is probably glued together to prevent parts of it from falling, or walking, off. Behind TAHU you can see Bob the Builder and a soccer player, both built out of LEGO bricks.

And this is the lifesize ONUA statue, though to tell the truth, it's actually built in a smaller scale than the TAHU statue, and the top of ONUA's head would probably only come up to TAHU's chest-ball. Also unlike the TAHU statue, this one is sealed up inside a transparent TOA cannister, so you can't actually touch it. Unfortunately, due to the confined spaces, you also can't get a clear full-size image from the sides without using a wide-angle lens.

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