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 March 16, 2002

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream...

Well, there you have it. The NOAOKE BOHROK. Based on H.R. Giger's design for the ALIEN movie series, this is my interpretation of what would happen if a BOHROK were, well, infected. The inspiration for this concept was merely the fact that I was curious as to what the all-black face-plate would look like on a NUHVOK. The whole 'pod-bursting' thing that the BOHROK have makes this design all the more appropriate.

I'm mostly pleased with the result, though there are three light grey parts (the snap-attack gear mechanisms) and five dark grey parts (the brainpan, arms, and legs) that I wish LEGO made in black. I managed to replace every other non-black part with some sort of black substitute, however, and I got rid of the eyes in the process. Losing the fangs was an unfortunate side-effect, but I don't mind the loss in light of how much better it looks this way.

Here's a shot with it elongated to show off some of the cooler aspects of it.

As you can see, it has a special articulated tail that I designed. This is the third MOC that I have used it on, though the other two are not finished at present. I also managed to figure out a way to elongate the head to more closely resemble Giger's design.

Also, there's a much better view of exactly how the head is shaped. I had to build an extension onto the thumb trigger to be able to reach it with the head retracted, but the snap-attack mechanism does still work. I also used one of the large black rubber-bands so I wouldn't ruin the look with the bright green one that came with the set, though I really wish LEGO made that style in black as it seems much more durable. This one will be all dried out and starting to crack within a month, from past experience.

The arms and legs can still tuck in like on a regular NUHVOK, but between the tail and the head-extension, the result is decidedly very un-ball-like, and just barely fits inside the BOHROK pod, as can be seen above.

And here we have a shot of the NOAOKE swimming, with legs and arms tucked out of the way, and using the tail as a means of propulsion.

Finally, there is one piece that I don't mind having in dark grey. I chose the JA KRANA for this one as the radar power is probably the closest to how the Giger ALIENS actually 'see', and it also reminds me of the face-huggers. EVIL TAHU, um, got drafted to demonstrate this aspect for everyone. Fortunately I was able to remove it quickly and I expect him to make a full recovery with no negative chest-bursting side effects.

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