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 March 2, 2002

DC Comic #5 Preview
Mark: LEGO was kind enough to send me a poster of the DC BIONICLE Comic Issue #5: "BEWARE THE BOHROK!" cover, signed by the authors, from the New York City Times Square Toys "R" Us event. It arrived in a tube which seems like it should be used in an oil pipeline instead of for shipping posters. From the paper trail, it appears that no fewer than eight people (including Purple Dave, of course) had a hand in getting the poster to me, and I can not possibly thank them all enough!

From the poster, we can see the issue date is April 2002. I was thinking that perhaps the six parts of "The Bohrok Saga" were to be mailed every-other-month with the LEGO Mania Magazine. The "Part 1" issue was dated January 2002 though, so I would have expected a March 2002 date if my speculation were true. It now seems more likely that the comics will be issued quarterly and stretch into 2003.

UPDATE: Greg from LEGO Direct said that the #5 April issue will be shipped in March. -PD

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