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 November 25, 2001

Mark: The LEGO® BIONICLE™ CLOCK consists of a square-faced black clock (3¾" x 3¾" x 1¼" = 95 mm x 95 mm x 30 mm) with a red highlight bezel, and eighteen parts with which you can build. The clock uses one AA battery (included) for power, features an alarm (a not-too-harsh beeping) with snooze, has a light, and is warranted for one year. The top has 48 studs for building and the bottom has 33 matching tubes. The face features the BIONICLE™ word graphic, the double-B graphic, and the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 are written in the BIONICLE™ script (although I think 6 has too many circles).

The most notable included part is the previously-only-available-in-Europe RED RURU. It is all the more remarkable because the back-of-the-box graphic features a RED MIRU instead of the RED RURU! Also included is the (standard GALI) BLUE KAUKAU mask. GALI-yellow eyes and KOPAKA-blue eyes (?!) are included with two heads and two extra-long necks (4-length instead of 3-length) for displaying the masks on the clock. Two large gears with connectors (for setting the alarm and time), five third-height black cylinder blocks, and VAKAMA's “Great Firestaff” (for turning the alarm on and off) round-out the parts.

For $24.95, at first glance the clock seems a bit too expensive for what you get. But when you consider that the RED RURU has sold for almost as much money all by itself, The LEGO® BIONICLE™ CLOCK suddenly starts to look like a steal! I think it would make a fine addition to any temple on Mata Nui.

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