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 October 8, 2001

Purple_Dave: I was able to get one of the McD's BIONICLE pens sent to me a while ago, and I've taken pics of the six included beads from all four sides. The box was a bit crushed by the time it arrived, so I didn't bother taking any of the packaging. Anyways, the cool thing here is that the beads actually attach to LEGO studs, so if you're a bit creative about it, you'll be able to attach the beads to regular MOCs should you choose to do so. The pen clip also has two LEGO studs on it, and they're spaced acording to regular piece sizes, so I've been working on a stand that will accomodate all seven BIONICLE pens and the extra beads that the six retail pens will come with. When I find the retail pens I'll post a picture of it, but it's still in the design stages right now. The three square beads each have two matched sets of full-color KANOHI pics and silhouettes of the TOA. Since I just stacked the beads and rotated the stack for each pic, you can tell which side of the stack you're looking at based on where the double-B symbol is on the trans-yellow bead. The grip looks to be the same trans-blue one that comes with the GALI pen, which is a bit disappointing, especially since I'm not really fond of the color blue. A nice rich purple grip would have been tres chic, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I also got an odd little gem that very few people would ever get to see. It appears to be a retail order ad, about a half inch shorter and a quarter inch wider than the TURAGA posters. I've blurred the fax number since it's really only there for business purposes. The images on the ad are a bit blurry, which is why these pics aren't very crisp.

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