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 September 19, 2001

Purple_Dave: I had the base coat applied for days while I tried to figure out what design I wanted to use on this MASK. PAKARI KINO started out as a bad attempt to emulate the style of the INFECTED HAU with a different color for the corrosion, and eventually resulted in a somewhat tarantula-esque look. Since POHATU KINO is just covered in rocky growths, I felt that it should have some tie to that feature. The picture above shows the result, though it looks a bit more subdued in the photos than it does in real life. The photos I took of POHATU KINO give a better idea of the true look.

Step 1: This is the black KAKAMA, straight out of the KANOHI pack. Just like everyone else has. (Note: the unpainted black KAKAMA is not the same one that I actually painted, as I had the base coat down before I remembered to shoot photos. I just used the one from my regular collection for this photo.)

Step 2: Base coat has been applied, using 4767 AIRCRAFT INTERIOR BLACK from the TESTORS MODEL MASTER ACRYL line.

Step 3: Right half has had blotches of 4674 LEATHER, also from the TMMA line.

Step 4: The entire surface has been covered in similar blotches.

Step 5: Using 4767, all of the blotches have been toned down with dry-brushing. (I found that my Finger Brushing technique doesn't work in corners, so I had to resort to the slower, more tedious dry-brushing technique)

Step 6: After a day of curing, the entire painted surface has been sealed with TESTORS 1260 DULLCOTE, a spray-on lacquer-based sealer. If you look at the forehead in shots 5 & 6, you can see that the black surface doesn't reflect as much glare after the sealer has been applied.

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