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 August 24, 2001

No More Bareback KAHU Riding For This TOHUNGA

The true beauty in this custom is that it's a one-package design. This means if you buy only one NUI-JAGA set and build the KAHU model, you will have the required parts in your pile of leftovers, so you won't need to go out and buy any other sets to add this to the KAHU. The first picture shows a layout of the necessary parts and a picture of the assembled unit. The second picture shows you where you need to attach it. Some disassembly of the KAHU model will be required in order to add this piece to the construction. Also, in order to place a TOHUNGA character on the KAHU's back, you will need to temporarily remove one of the TOHUNGA's legs until after he's seated on the KAHU's neck.

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