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 October 31, 2004

Who's The Elder God We Fear?

Giant claws, bat-like wings, and an encephalopodic (that's "octopus-like", for those of you who've never heard of Miskatonic University's mascot) head, all on a towering black robot body. It could only be one thing. Coming to you from across the span of years (well, one year, since I built this last Halloween), it's C'Toalhu! (Yeah, technically he's a Great Old One, not an Elder God, but I'm not the one who wrote the song).

I'd seen a System-based version that used an octopus for the head, and I got to wondering if it'd be possible to do the same with a TOA body (just in case you hadn't noticed already, yes, it is). I'd also recently acquired six of the uncommon trans-black BOHROK eyes, which I decided would look great as claws (the transparency makes them stand out, but the color helps them blend in, and the two combined kinda makes them look like they're made out of a different material than his hide). The wings were actually the toughest part, since the TECHNIC panel fairings don't really lend themselves very well to organic wing shapes. They're constantly getting knocked out of alignment, but I did eventually settle on a design that I was happy with. Of course, technically he should be green, but the octopus was the limiting factor. I've know I've seen at least one image of a very rare green octopus, but I have no idea how I could go about getting one, so mine is just a shade of green that's so super dark that your mind is tricked into thinking it's actually black. Really. Hey, that's my story and I'm standing by it.

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