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 October 30, 2004

Review: Maze of Shadows
Mark: Melinda from LEGO Systems, Inc. was nice enough to send us an advance copy of BIONICLE® Adventures #6: Maze of Shadows. Somebody scribbled on it though before it got to us:

First off, you will notice that TOA NUJU finally gets his cover. What is more, TOA VAKAMA is no longer left out as he finally gets a spot on the back cover!

Inside, the TOA METRU are on Mata Nui, making plans and scoping out the territory. TOA VAKAMA is still seeing visions (something, we learn, that has been going on since even before he became a TOA), but he is gradually adjusting to his role as leader. Much of the book is devoted to the maturation of the TOA METRU and their relationships with each other.

One of TOA VAKAMA's visions leads to each of the six TOA METRU transferring some of their TOA power into Toa Stones and hiding them for that day in the future when new TOA are needed. After that chore is completed, the TOA METRU have a much more difficult task ahead of them getting back to Metru Nui. After the events in the last book, they can not go back the way they came.

Their new path is not much better than their old one however. A seemingly endless stream of Rahi and troubles flow their way as they make their way down through the tunnels of Mata Nui the "maze of shadows".

Author Greg Farshtey takes a fresh approach to what is ultimately a rehashing of earlier story lines. The action is fast and furious though, so you might not notice it until after you have finished the book, if then.

Both HORDIKA and VISORAK make their debuts as names in this book, HORDIKA at the beginning and VISORAK at the end. Neither word is explained though, and neither plays any real role in this book. Their turn is yet to come.

In summary, Maze of Shadows is an enjoyable book of not much consequence in the BIONICLE universe. If you feel you need to know what a Karzahni is, then this book is for you. If all you are interested in are the HORDIKA and VISORAK, then you might want to wait for the next books in the series.

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