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 October 20, 2004

BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui Review - Part I
Mark: The BIONICLE® 2: Legends of Metru Nui DVD actually comes in two boxes.

The outer box has a raised surface and an impressive metallic print upon it. Most of the copies I have seen include a sticker on the front proclaiming "An All-New Movie: 'Super Cool Action! Sandie Newton, CBS-TV." Be very careful pulling any stickers off of the box because the metallic print sticks more readily to the sticker(s) than the box.

The back of the outer box tells you about the movie and the bonus features on the DVD. We will discuss the bonus features in a later article.

The whole reason for an outer box for the DVD is this inside flap on the front. It displays a great 3D-view of Metru Nui with background information on the six TOA METRU and the Metru from which they come.

The box inside the outer box has the same front and back. Inside you will find the DVD itself, a "SCENE SELECTIONS" page with an ad for Mask of Light on the back, and (probably) a promotional pamphlet. (More on these later.) Caution! Don't read the scene selections before you view the movie if you want to be surprised. The title for Scene 10 practically gives away the end of the movie.

The movie itself is visually very impressive and definitely a step-up from Mask of Light in that regard. Legends is a much brighter, less-claustrophobic film. There is much action and more humor throughout. Although some of the animation is still stylized (intentionally or not) like that of stop-motion, the overall scale has greatly improved with many more moving objects and much more detail throughout. The musical score is of the same high-quality as the earlier film, revisiting many of the same themes, but occasionally adding a bit more oomph and variety to the arrangements.

Although Legends of Metru Nui is billed as a "beginning," there is much within it which will have more resonance for those who have already seen Mask of Light. In fact, much of the film appears to be oriented specifically toward existing BIONICLE fans. Since you are most likely a fan of BIONICLE, I have included it in this list of "what is good about the movie."

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