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 October 4, 2004

KANOKA Komplete. Really! I think.
Mark: As you may recall, I prematurely posted my KANOKA collection as complete when I still lacked two disks. Thanks to MoD readers, I was able to track down those two missing disks quickly. Today I finally remembered to take a new picture.

Even now, I can't be absolutely certain that these are all of the coded disks. I can say that these are all of the coded disks I know. There are:

  • Nine Ta-Metru disks

  • Eight Ga-Metru disks

  • Nine Po-Metru disks

  • Eight Ko-Metru disks

  • Eight Le-Metru disks

  • Nine Onu-Metru disks

Six disks are from the Metru Nui MATORAN sets, six are from the VAHKI sets, one disk is from the KREKKA set, one disk is from the NIDHIKI set, and one disk was an exclusive included with a European BIONICLE® comic. The remaining thirty-six disks came from the 8613 KANOKA boxes.

Of course, a truly complete KANOKA collection would at least have one of the five hundred golden KANOKA disks given away in the KANOKA Card Instant Win Game. The truly obsessed would track down the sample San Diego Comic Con disk. And then there is the obscure French promo disk. Ah, the work of a collector is never really done.

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