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 August 14, 2001
Hobbling Your TOA
Purple_Dave: The shoulder section of a TOA torso has four holes in it. One is a round hole that allows plus-rods to rotate. Surrounding it on three sides are plus-shaped holes that don't actually get used for anything in the basic TOA models, though some of them do get used to mount necks on the TOA KAITA. If you slide a #3 plus-rod into any of the plus-holes that are either below or in front of the shoulder joint on a gear-articulated arm, the tip of the plus-rod will lock the gear in place and prevent the oft-loose gear articulation from ruining your pose. For poor POHATU, this means he can finally stand straight without fear of his right leg slipping out from underneath him. For ONUA and GALI, one plus-rod will cause both arms to lock up unless you've removed the center gear.

You could also perform this trick with a #2 plus-rod, which has the benefit of not sticking out of the shoulder section, but the #3 plus-rod leaves a little bit to grab onto if you feel like removing it without having to completely tear apart the upper torso, and if you've been buying the KANOHI packs, I bet you're already swimming in #3 plus-rods that you have absolutely no use for right now.

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