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 September 25, 2004

More Magazine BIONICLE® Goodies
Mark: The September–October 2004 issue of LEGO® Magazine features two pages of instructions for the Lohrak (shown above), a subterranean flying serpent discarded from the upcoming BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui movie. The Lohrak is created from sets 8621 TURAGA DUME & NIVAWK and 8622 NIDHIKI.

Also in that issue are two homemade BIONICLE costumes for Halloween, TAHU NUVA and LEWA NUVA, from the "Cool Creations" pages:

The LEGO Club order page is dedicated to BIONICLE too. This month's special is that you can get a #4335 Black Robot X-Pod set free for every TOA VAKAMA costume you order. The TURAGA DUME & NIVAWK set is also featured on this page.

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