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 September 24, 2004

Become A BrickMaster!
Mark: Included with the SeptemberOctober 2004 issue of LEGO® Magazine was a special invitation to become a BrickMaster. At this time, the offer is only available to US addresses. Read more about it and how to sign-up at

It is clear that LEGO® BrickMaster is designed to appeal to the BIONICLE® fan. For every BrickMaster subscription you will receive six kits, one every other month for one year. Each kit includes a BIONICLE comic book. The invitation includes a "sneak peek" at one of the sets which looks distinctly BIONICLE:

What is more, each LEGO® BrickMaster Edition Magazine includes "exclusive and expanded BIONICLE™ content just for LEGO BrickMasters" and "exclusive Rahi building plans and advance info on new BIONICLE products."

In addition to the invitation, this issue of LEGO® Magazine includes one full-page ad for BrickMaster. Next to the description of "BIONICLE Info You Can't Get Anywhere Else" is a picture of the TAHTORAK, which MoD readers might know as the Worbikaih from our Rahi Contest Grand Prize Winner story earlier in the week.

If you want to be among the first to receive the BrickMaster Welcome Kit, you will need to act fast. Applications received after October 15, 2004 will need to wait three to four weeks. Those applications received before October 15 can expect their Welcome Kit to ship by the end of November.

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