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 September 23, 2004

Danger Is
Mark: DC Comics BIONICLE: Metru Nui Issue #20 finds TOA VAKAMA, TOA NOKAMA, and TOA MATAU hunted by NIDHIKI and KREKKA. The fighting on most every page gives the comic a busier feel than most, so much so that I was wondering if someone new had a hand in the art. But this issue was created by the same team as the last several issues.

Unlike the issue leading up to the release of the Mask of Light DVD, this issue does not end in a cliff-hanger. To be certain, the story does end with "to be continued ," but it does not yet appear that a significant chunk of the story will be left out of this series of comics.

Virtually all of the non-comic pages are devoted to the upcoming BIONICLE® 2: Legends of Metru Nui DVD. For example, one page contains more of the interview about the design of Metru Nui, this time throwing B2 Director David Molina into the previous mix of art directors.

The most intriguing page is the one devoted to the upcoming Toys "R" Us pseudo-exclusive TOA LHIKAN and KIKANALO set, #8811, available starting October 19 (same as the DVD).

For those of you without a Toys "R" Us nearby, you can still purchase the set from

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