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 September 21, 2004

LEGO BIONICLE Rahi Contest Winner Pics
Mark: Justin Lamb, aka "Tad 10-OH", writes in with pictures of his Grand Prize-winning entry into the BIONICLE® Rahi Building Challenge contest. His entry was inspired by his pet iguana Iggy. Here is his description:
This extremely dangerous Rahi is found in the Ga-Metru region but can be found wandering anywhere. Along with its sharp spines and immense strength, the Worbikaih has a quick temper which makes up for its sluggish speed. Too bad for the Toa it hunts in packs.
Justin notes that the jaw really moves, and so does his tongue. You can click on the above images for a better view. And don't forget to look for Justin's creation in an upcoming BIONICLE® comic! Forum Link

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