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 August 4, 2001

A Review Of The MANAS Set#8539
Mark: I had the good fortune of receiving the MANAS set yesterday as a birthday gift from my boss (the best kind of boss is the one who gives you BIONICLE for your birthday)! so my brother-in-law and I spent last night putting them together and putting them through their paces.

The price point on these is a little daunting but what you get for your money is one heck of a fun toy. Three actually!

The MANAS set is a 442 piece set with two of the yellow KOMAU masks found only in this set. It also comes with two orange RURU masks.

The core of the set is the two remote controls and two high torque motor units which drive the tracks and the punching mechanism. The motor is quite strong and once assembled, your MANAS can push suprisingly heavy objects around the floor. The remote and the receiver/motor assembly can be set to three different frequencies so up to three MANAS can do battle at the same time without interference. You can also set the control to control all three frequencies if you choose to do a breathtakingly beautiful MANAS ballet with intricate choreography.

The action mechanism is a gear driven pair of arms which add a jerky, yet characteristic action to the movement of the crablike RAHI as well as a weapon which you use to try to "knock out" your opponent's MANAS.

A very clever trigger mechanism on the front of each MANA is mounted to a pair of swivel arms upon which you mount masks. Hitting the mechanism can easily knock off the mask, but if you hit it just right with just enough force it trips the mechanism and a small wheel springs out which raises the MANAS up off the ground in such a way as to disable it on a hard surface.

The high torque of the motor combined with the track system of locomotion makes these RAHI move easily over all kinds of surfaces including carpet.

As with all BIONICLE sets the building is half the joy of the set and as you construct your MANAS you will be amazed at the ingenuity of the design of this set, it truly is an engineering marvel.

As with many of the RAHI sets you can combine the parts into one huge creature with even greater abilities. I haven't put together the combined creature yet, I'm still having too much fun fighting these guys against each other!

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