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 August 2, 2001

Toys "R" Us BIONICLE™ Poster Promotion
Philip: Last week I listed four BIONICLE™ events that Toys "R" Us has planned this year. Andrew wrote to point out that while the BIONICLE™ standee says their first event is August 5, titled "Learn The Mysteries Of The KANOHI Masks" and we'd assumed this would be a poster giveaway promotion, DC comic #2 has an ad in it from TRU that says the poster giveaway is August 11. Hopefully we'll sort this out soon.

Something to keep in mind about the poster is that not all stores will have them, they are limited to quantities on-hand, require a BIONICLE™ purchase, and at least the store nearest me here in Texas gave them out last weekend. It will be good to call and ask your store if and when they will be doing the poster promotion.

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