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 July 19, 2001

Deep Into Darkness
Purple_Dave: This issue focuses exclusively on GALI and LEWA, with a one page appearance of all six TURAGA. The six TURAGA have told their respective TOA where to find some of the KANOHI, and the TOA have split up to go on their own searches.

RAHI that pop in for a 'visit' include both flavors of TARAKAVA and NUI-JAGA, the orange NUI-RAMA, and MUAKA. Oddly, MUAKA is shown wearing the RURU MASK, which I've come to understand was used in early promotional displays that must predate the box artwork.

Additional information included in this issue are the entry form for the SEARCH FOR THE GOLD MASK contest, a site list for the FIND THE POWER TOUR, a spread of all 72 basic masks, arranged by character group (and again, GALI's MASKS are all trans-blue and all the KAUKAU MASKS are opaque with POHATU's being brown, not orange), information on the trans-green MIRU MASK available only at LEGOLAND California, and pictures of the four smaller RAHI sets and the McDonald's exclusive TOHUNGA sets that will be offered from September 7 to 27. Also, on August 11, participating ToysRUs will be giving away a free MASK poster with purchase of any BIONICLE product.

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