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 August 4, 2004

Purple_Dave: The following text was supplied by MantasTamer, to describe his MantasTamer MOC. It has been edited for punctuation and spelling, but otherwise is presented in his own words.

It took many 'prototypes' to get it to walk well. It walked OK. I switched the MANTAS motors to 'all' so I only had one controller to mess with. It took a few moments to get up its momentum. And I put 2 of those little things in the TARAKAVA's chin that spring. I put a spring on the back on each of its legs so its back legs would bounce up a little higher that the front legs. And when you turned it on it would "dance in place" for a few seconds, then when it "felt like it" it would walk around, but it wasn't perfect. It was the best design I had gotten but after like 6 steps you would notice it was going in a circle, and then it would "dance in place" for a few more seconds, and so on and so forth. The bad thing about it was that you had to have both sets of legs (2 on the left and 2 on the right) at opposite rotations, like if the left set of legs were at the apex of their rotation then the right set of legs would have to be on the lowers part of their rotation. Also the MANTAS motor moved too fast! So I had to put a small gear in the motor next to a 40 something toothed gear to make it move slow enough for the legs not to come off. Also I used pieces from the 702 bucket thing like 2 of the 3 Star Wars eye balls, and on one of the pics you can see some of my TOA and MATORAN in the background (I don't think that hurt my chances of winning). On the RAHI's teeth I put like 4 BOHROK teeth and laced through the holes of the teeth I put a BAHRAG flexie pipe piece in the spaces of the BOHROK teeth I put white BOHROK eyes. Also the neck of my RAHI moves up and down. In one of the pics you can see a MOC I made while lamenting about how I couldn't make something inanimate walk. I call him MantasTamer, and thats about it.

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