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 July 17, 2001

The Coming Of The TOA
Purple_Dave: A few weeks ago I noticed the BIONICLE logo peeking out of the rack at my local comic shop, and sure enough, it was a BIONICLE comic. I didn't think they'd have the comics out so close to the release of the actual toys, but there it was. Issue 1. A June issue. Since comics typically ship two months early and the July and August runs have already gone through the system, I figured I'd missed the other two issues. I asked the comic shop to try to get them in anyway, but they weren't having any luck. Turns out the other two issues hadn't shipped yet, but issue two is due out any day now, so watch the shelves!

Here's a brief rundown of issue 1. It centers largely around KOPAKA meeting MATORO and NUJU in the glaciers around KO-KORO. We get to see the green NUI-RAMA and KOPAKA bumps into POHATU and the rest of the TOA as well.

From the way it plays out, it appears that the TOA don't have any real working knowledge of the denizens of the island MATA NUI or each other.

Other tidbits to be found are a printed translation key for the BIONICLE alphabet, and a two page layout showing all the TOA and TURAGA with descriptions of them all. Shown with the TOA are pictures of their respective collections of GREAT MASKS, though it looks like there were a few changes since the artwork was designed. I noticed that all six of GALI's MASKS look like they are made out of transparent blue plastic, though only her original KAUKAU MASK is transparent while the other five are the same color as her torso, feet, and hooks. Furthermore, it looks like the other five flavors of the KAUKAU MASK are shown in the same color of opaque plastic as the other five groups of masks, though the whole run of KAUKAU MASKS are transparent, and to add to the problem, POHATU's KAUKAU MASK is shown to be brown, but according to the checklist at BIONICLE.COM, it is actually transparent orange. In fact, it is the same shade as his eye-piece.

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