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 July 10, 2001
Purple_Dave: The KANOHI MASK packs are the least expensive item that will ship to stores, but they could easily end up being the most expensive part of any given collection. There are six basic TOA MASKS and six basic TURAGA MASKS. Each one has been produced in six different colors, one for each element. That gives you a total of 72 masks that you need to collect for your six TOA to beat MAKUTA. Each pack comes with two randomly packed MASKS pulled out of that field of 72. The pack also comes with a baggie containing one grey TOA head with one of six randomly packed eye-pieces and two #3 plus-rods. Assembling the head and putting it on one of the plus-rods will allow you to display MASKS on the toppers for the TOA cans. It seems silly to only give you one head with two MASKS, but it quickly becomes obvious that you'll have plenty 'nuff heads long before you manage to score that final MASK. You'll also have a box with a pile of duplicates in it, but that's what the whole collectibility thing entails. The only reason I can come up with for the extra plus-rod is because you might somehow manage to lose one in the time it takes you to pop the eye-piece into the head after ripping the baggie open. Not a very likely reason, as proven by the fact that as I write this I have a stack of 42 homeless plus-rods and I still haven't run out of places to stick heads for display.

In case that doesn't get expensive enough for you, they also have an indeterminate number of 'MYSTERY MASKS' that you could find instead of one of the regular 72. They don't really go into detail on these, so without finding one, there's really no way of knowing if they are completely new mask designs, like the KANOHI VAHI (MASK OF TIME) that can be found here by clicking the 'MASK' hypertext, or if they are the CORRUPTED MASKS that can be seen on the RAHI creatures in promotional pictures. They might even be both.

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