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 July 10, 2001

Every Hero Needs A Good Sidekick...

The TURAGA are the leaders of the six island villages. They are also supposed to fill the Sidekick role for the TOA Hero characters. It is their job to help their respective TOA characters on their search for the twelve different MASKS. At a price point that is less than half of what the TOA sets cost, they have a much more simple design, but oddly they have more effective attacks. The design of the attack mechanism involves a lever that sticks out of the back of the character and is attached to the right arm. A rubber band looped around the lever and the TURAGA's neck replaces the fancy gear system of the TOA, but allows for a much more forceful attack. Also, with the lack of ball-joint pieces anywhere, the full force of the attack will transfer to the target, whereas the TOA arms tend to backslip upon impact and not really hit very hard as a result.

Due to the small size of the TURAGA, there isn't much beyond color to make them different from each other, so some of the length of arms, legs, or necks varies between the models to create the appearance of different body stature. The coolest thing about them is that unlike the TOA characters, who all have light grey heads, the TURAGA all have heads that match the primary color of their particular element. As a result they don't look as weird when not wearing a MASK.

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