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Who is your favorite Toa?


 July 10, 2001

The Heros Arrive!
Purple_Dave: The TOA look like they'll be the backbone of the BIONICLE line. They are easily affordable, they're the main characters, and they have the coolest look out of the three groups of island dwellers, on top of being the Hero group. The TOA attack design is designed to detract as little as possible from the posability, and it actually can serve to enhance it. There is a simple gear assembly that sticks out of the TOA's back, and if you spin the gear, it will cause the TOA's weapon to move. TAHU, LEWA, and KOPAKA all attack with bladed weapons in their right hands. ONUA and GALI have 2-handed clawing attacks where one hand will come down while the other goes up. POHATU kicks with his right leg, and is notable for being the only TOA with a weapon that isn't part of his attack feature, as his left foot also has the 'super-toe' piece, but isn't attached to the gear assembly.

The other gimick built into the TOA leads to the whole collectibility aspect. As set forth by the backstory, each TOA must find all six GREAT MASKS and all six NOBLE MASKS to help them defeat MAKUTA. To play out this part of the story, you are supposed to buy scads of KANOHI MASK packs in an attempt to collect a full set of MASKS to hand out to your six TOA. Not that they can actually wear more than one MASK at a time, of course.

Just in case that wasn't enough, though, in each TOA can you will find a mini-cd with lots of information on the BIONICLE line, much of which is different from what you will find on the website. If you enter each MASK CODE into the opening screen, you will be able to watch movies of each of the six TOA. You can find similar movies on the website, but they are much smaller, and they have been chopped down to about one quarter of the run-time. In other words, the cd versions are much cooler.

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