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 July 22, 2004

Mark: DC Comics' BIONICLE® Issue #19, Metru Nui Surrender Or Run, is "PART IV" of the "City of Legends" series of comics. The interior title is "Enemies of Metru Nui", where "Enemies" is cleverly scrawled across the word "Heroes". When last we saw our heroes, they were headed for the Coliseum after defeating the Morbuzakh. The tables have turned and the TOA METRU are being chased (and sometimes caught) by the VAHKI after being branded by TURAGA DUME as imposters responsible for the disappearance of Toa Lhikan.

As we saw in the preview of the comic, TOA VAKAMA learns to use his disk launcher as a back pack (just in the nick of time). There is more flying as the cargo airships make their comic debut. And finally, I don't remember another comic ending with such a wonderfully ironic panel as the full-page panel that ends this chapter of the saga.

Of course, there are other goodies here too. The back cover sports an ad for the upcoming movie with a picture of the DVD artwork.

The centerfold is all about the bigger summer sets: TURAGA DUME & NIVAWK, NIDHIKI, and KREKKA. The VAHKI are invading the inside-back cover. There are two other informational pages, one for and one for the upcoming Scholastic book, shown here:

There is not much new about that you probably don't know: VAHKI animations, KANOKA Club, "Ask Greg", etc. The exception is some upcoming promised "behind the scenes info" on BIONICLE® 2: Legends of Metru Nui.

The book ad is far more interesting, promising a "Secret Web Site!", "exclusive code", and "cool BIONICLE® games". The text refers to it as "The New BIONICLE® Guide", so this is probably not a straight novelization of the BIONICLE® 2: Legends of Metru Nui movie.

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