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 July 18, 2004

BIONICLE: Volume 1, Revisited
Purple_Dave: I can't be sure that I caught every change that was made to comic issues 1-15 when they were republished as the BIONICLE: Volume 1 trade paperback, but I did catch over a dozen. Most of them were small adjustments to the placement of speech bubbles (I left out many of them because they were such minor tweaks, just as I didn't mention any instances of the top or bottom of the page being cropped off to fit this format), a few lines of speech were reattributed to different characters, and even one new panel of artwork showed up. Mark previously noted that all of the interior title pages have been stripped of their title text/credits so more of the artwork is visible, so I left those out as well, with one exception. I also noticed that pretty much the entire copy I looked through is colored a little darker than the original comics, so that's not listed for any issue either.

The way these changes are notated is according to the layout of the primary US releases, with page numbering according to the actual comic pages, skipping over the opening exposition, the ads, and the story/product info pages. If you should happen to spot any textual or artwork changes that aren't currently mentioned here, please let us know.

Issue 1, The Coming of the TOA (cover title: Six Heroes, One Destiny)
original cover art
- recolored upper background (blue instead of black)

p8 "You are KOPAKA, who wields the power of winter itself..."
- speech bubble reformated

p8 "Why does NUJU relate his tale in gestures?"
- narrative box reformated

Issue 2, Deep Into Darkness (cover title: Trapped by the RAHI!)
p3 "Without water there would be no trees."
- speech bubbles repositioned, first bubble more clearly attributed to GALI instead of LEWA

Issue 3, Triumph of the TOA
p4 "Then they can fall together as well."
- "fall" changed to "perish"

p5 "What is this place?"
- speech bubble repositioned, more clearly attributed to GALI instead of WAIRUHA

p10 "Makuta turns this very island against us!"
- new panel w/ new artwork added between 1st and 2nd panels, original 1st & 2nd panel speech bubbles reassigned to new 2nd panel

Issue 4, The BOHROK Awake
p4 "They don't look like any RAHI I've ever seen."
- LEWA speech bubble split between KOPAKA (1st panel) and LEWA (2nd panel)

p5 *Wuuuuf!*
- speech bubble moved, more clearly attributed to POHATU instead of some random rock

p10 "...The fiery TAHNOK, capable of melting through any substance..."
- narrative box recolored to match the other narrative boxes

Issue 5, To Trap a TAHNOK (cover title: Beware the BOHROK!)
- begins with narrative "Tale of the TOA" 2-page closing spread originally from Issue 4

Issue 6, Into the Nest
- no changes

Issue 7, What Lurks Below
- no changes

Issue 8, The End of the TOA?
p1 "The End of the TOA?"
- issue title reduced to narrative box instead of being omitted

- omits extra 2 comic pages from TRU exclusive foil cover Issue 8 (TRU p12-13, beginning with "Watch Out! There are BOHROK headed straight for us!" and ending with "The BOHROK's domain is collapsing! Go! GO!")

Issue 9, Divided We Fall
- begins with "TOA NUVA - The Power Lies Beneath" center 2-page spread originally from Issue 8

p6 "Perhaps we are all on edge, GALI."
- speech bubble reformated

p10 "No. They will not."
- speech bubble changed from standard bubble to BOHROK-KAL bubble, more clearly attributed to off-panel KOHRAK-KAL instead of MATORO

- ends with "The Origin of the TOA NUVA!" center 2-page spread

Issue 10, Powerless! (cover title: The Coming of the KAL!)
- ends with "The Secret of the Symbols" closing page

Issue 11, A Matter of Time... (cover title: Who Will Stop the BOHROK-KAL?)
- no changes

Issue 12, Absolute Power (cover title: All Our Powers Against Us)
- begins with "The Power of the KRANA-KAL/The Secret of Silver" center 2-page spread from Issue 11

Issue 13, Rise of the RAHKSHI! (cover title: Unleash the RAHKSHI!)
- no changes

Issue 14, At Last -- TAKANUVA! (cover title: A Hero Will Be Revealed)
- no changes

Issue 15, Secrets and Shadows (cover title: What Is VAKAMA's Secret?)
p11 "Tomorrow, we begin the long journey to METRU NUI"
- speech bubbles reformated

p11 "Heroes of MATA NUI..."
- speech bubble reformated

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