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 July 14, 2004

Sit. Stay. Good Dog!

I suppose that it is the stance of the Kraawa that makes me think of dogs. Not many dogs have beaks or protruberances on their chests. But the Kraawa does have a blue tail it can wag with your help.

The Kraawa combines sets 8602 TOA NOKAMA, 8603 TOA WHENUA, and 8606 TOA NUJU into an interesting creature. The odd-colored eyes immediately strike you. I would think the first thing anyone with extra TOA METRU eyes would do is balance out the two eyes in one color; perhaps the light blue of the Kraawa's right eye.

There is some interesting construction in the Kraawa. If you have all six TOA METRU and have not put together the Kraawa (or the companion Kralhi), then I highly recommend it, even if you just take them apart afterward. The Kraawa has been bulked-up quite a bit, mostly to good effect. The doubled front legs are a good example.

The neck was created in a similar fashion, but with more spotty results. It is easy to position the neck any way you like, but the only time it looks correct is when each side mirrors the other.

The Kraawa's greatest failings are in stability. The "beak" is free to pivot, and it will do so with every little bump you might throw at it. Furthermore, the top half of the torso is not always firmly attached to the bottom half, so be careful how you pick up your Kraawa, both as you work with it and when you are finished.

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