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 June 16, 2004

The Great S-Cape

I ran across a pod design that used two TOA feet for the engine, and I decided to build a modified version of it, mostly because I had some Mini Falcon parts and the High Flyers cockpit that I wanted to put to use. Then, after I'd built part of it, I scrapped it and went in an entirely different direction. This is the result.

Piloted by Sven Norberg, this is a retrofitted two-man lifepod. The second, rear-facing passenger seat had to be stripped out to make room for the engine upgrades, flight control system, and stereo system. The hull is a bit worse for wear, and has had to be patched a few times, but the quad ion engines are the best that money can buy. A headlight has been added below the forward hatch, and a taillight has been wired into the rear braking panel to make it more or less street legal, but the tiny size helps it to avoid unwanted attention.

I did actually manage to make it possible for a minifig to climb in and out of this. To open the cockpit, the rear brake panel lifts up, then the cockpit canopy can flip back, and finally the forward hatch folds down. Getting the minifig out is a lot easier than getting it back in, especially since I added the control sticks.

In the interior view, you can see where the control sticks are located, behind and below the pilot seat (I tried mounting them directly below the pilot so I could have a more secure mount for the side panels, but they were just out of Sven's reach). The speaker for the stereo is located just behind the pilot's head. As you can see, the pilot needs to be in pretty good shape if he wants to carry any cargo, since the only two spaces that he can stow anything are on his lap and on the stereo speaker. And you can't put stuff on the speaker or you'll muffle the sound.

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