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 June 13, 2004

KRANA Kompletion
Purple_Dave: This is quite possibly the first complete 170-piece KRANA set outside of The LEGO Company's archives. The bottom three rows are the six BOHROK VA groups, the three rows above them are the six original BOHROK groups, and the double-rowed clusters on the far left and right are the six BOHROK-KAL groups, all divided up with the Fire/Earth/Stone groups on the left and the Water/Air/Ice groups on the right. The middle chunk of the upper half is devoted to the less common variety, with the vac-metallized chrome set on the right, the light-grey plastic pre-chrome blanks on the left, and the flourescent purple variants* above and below the two true prizes. Centered in the middle of some weird clear TECHNIC bricks that really help to highlight them are the very rare white-metal KRANA-KAL (left) and the even more rare sterling silver KRANA-KAL (right).

The whole group is mounted to a 48x48 light-grey baseplate, with rows of white TECHNIC bricks to help provide some rigidity to the whole mess (someday, if I make a frame for it, those'll come out). The KRANA are all attached to TOA heads that are connected to 2x2 round bricks by #3 plus-rods. The 2x2 round bricks provide a very stable way of attaching individual KRANA that doesn't pop loose when bumped. The original design used half-bushings and full-bushings instead of the round bricks, with the fluted ends of the full-bushings wedged between four studs. That arrangement, while considerably less expensive (since I had all of the parts on hand), showed its considerable drawback the first time I tried to pick up the baseplate and move it, as I watched about half a dozen KRANA mounts pop loose.

There's room enough to add another 14 with the current layout, and if I compress the flourescent purple KRANA a bit, there'll be room for an additional four, should more be made. If that ever happens, I'll probably adjust the current layout so the KRANA-KAL are in three solid rows like the VA KRANA at the bottom, and set up the regular BOHROK KRANA like the current KAL layout so I can move the special groups to the center.

*There really isn't any evidence to suggest whether the flourescent purple KRANA are more common, less common, or equally as common as their non-flourescent counterparts, but since they are the only 8 flourescent KRANA out of 170, they were the latter variant of purple KRANA, and trying to fit them in with the rest of the VA groups would have thrown off the symmetry of the entire layout, I figured it made more sense to center them in the display.

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