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 June 8, 2004

First Look: DUME Drops In
Mark: TURAGA DUME is just your average, everyday Metru Nui MATORAN in terms of construction except for two things: outstanding fashion sense and the coolest mask to hit BIONICLE® in a long time. The two-tone mask process has never been put to better use than right here with TURAGA DUME's black-and-red KANOHI.

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As if that is not enough intimidation, TURAGA DUME gets around by riding on NIVAWK, a tall lanky creature with sharp blades for wings and a face only a mother could love. TURAGA DUME can quickly pop in and out of the NIVAWK's "seat," and the NIVAWK can retract or extend its wings.

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Like NIDHIKI and KREKKA, the NIVAWK sports new two-tone ball joints. These are black with white stripes. Unlike NIDHIKI and KREKKA though, you can forget about building this set one-bag-at-a-time. (Each of the sets comes with all of the parts in three or four numbered bags.) There are several parts which are needed early but are packed in later-numbered bags.

Those new ball-joints look good, but they don't hold any better than any other ball-joints. If you are not careful, the NIVAWK will easily fall over forward, fall over backward, or just slowly collapse right there on the spot. This can be overcome though with a little patience and some careful posing.

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