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 June 7, 2004

First Look: NIDHIKI
Mark: Set 8622 NIDHIKI features the mysterious four-legged stranger from the BIONICLE® Adventures series. The first thing you notice is just how much he looks like a pumped-up, four-legged version of the VAHKI. That VAHKI-ness carries over into NIDHIKI's ability to fold-over into a lower-profile version of himself.

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And if that is not good enough for you, NIDHIKI can fold up even more:

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The box is pleasant enough and once again shows the combiner model for the three sets:

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As you might expect from a four-legged creature, NIDHIKI is quite stable once you have posed him. His features include two snapping claws and four fold-and-swivel legs. Like the KREKKA set, this set has the new striped ball-socket joint piece. This time the piece is forest green with a black stripe and is used in the shoulders. Also like the KREKKA set, this set includes a KANOKA disc. I don't know if the discs are exclusive to the sets, but both sets' disc codes were new to me.

In addition, both NIDHIKI's and KREKKA's instructions included unique codes for use at the KANOKA Club. You can see the disc at the bottom left of this poster-like image from the instructions:

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There are also three new still-frames from the upcoming BIONICLE 2 movie:

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