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 June 5, 2004

Bug Week! Contest Winner Entries
Mark: Third Place goes to MoD reader DragonMaster2050 for this "Small Crab":

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I have to say that I was a little hesitant to award a prize to yet another crab, but this was the only crab entered in this contest and the design has a great deal going for it. I particularly like the KRANA-pans as feet. Here is the parts list, should you care to construct your own:

x2 white bohrok limbs
x8 lightblue bohrok limbs
x2 blue bohrok limbs
x4 lightgray bohrok brainpans
x2 silver L'Kal shields
x1 orange bohrok head bracket
x6 lightblue socket joints
x4 sandblue socket joints
x6 lightgray socket joints
x4 darkgray socket joints
x2 orange socket joints
x2 red bohrok body brackets
x3 silver bohrok teeth
x3 black #5 axles
x6 black #4 axles

Second Place goes to MoD reader D. J. and his "Predatory Fire Beetle":

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I particularly like the RAHKSHI back used here as a nose. According to D. J., the antenna on its back is capable of throwing fireballs. Here is the parts list:

2x red bohrok body
2x blue bohrok body
2x black #6 plus rods
2x black #4 plus rods
1x light blue bohrok arm
1x light gray y-joint
2x tahnok-kal hand shields
1x tuhrak shell
1x vohrak staff end
2x #2 plus rods which were included in my 702pc accessory kit
2x light green onua claws
2x blue gali hooks

First Place goes to Imatron for his Praying Mantis-like bug:

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This bug makes very good use of a large range of parts, it has multiple levels, good construction overall, and a nice color scheme. Plus, it's just plain buggy! Here is the parts list:

2 protodermic Lewvahk kal hand shields
5 light grey socket joints
6 black borhahk limbs
6 dark grey borahk limbs
4 red technic balls
1 grey technic ball
3 dark blue bohrahk eyes
1 dark blue Moltoran hip
2 black toa legs
4 #5 plus rods
2 bohrahk torsos
2 red pahrahk hand shields
2 red rahkshi backs

Imatron wins a VAHI and a Transparent Fluorescent Green Miru for First Prize. D. J. has opted for the VAHI for Second Prize, so DragonMaster2050 receives the Transparent Fluorescent Green MIRU as Third Prize. All winners also receive a Copper Mask of Victory (HUNA).

And good news for all entrants: Purple Dave has forwarded enough Chronicler's Staffs to me so that everyone who entered (including the above winners) will be receiving one.

Congratulations to the above, and "Thank You" to everyone who participated! Forum Link

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