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 June 4, 2004

First Look: KREKKA
Mark: The shortest of the three new summer BIONICLE® sets, KREKKA still towers over the TOA METRU and adds plenty of bulk too! We take our "First Look" at the actual set here.

KREKKA is definitely the most dense of the three new sets (8621 TURAGA DUME & NIVAWK, 8622 NIDHIKI, and 8623 KREKKA). He seems to have some sort of foot fetish though, what with a navy-blue RAHKSHI foot on his chest and silver TOA METRU feet on his shins, upper arms, and one on his back.

And speaking of feet, KREKKA has big ones with extra width for added stability. You need all of that stability to stay standing when you are as heavy as KREKKA is. You also need stability when you are a walking weapons platform, which KREKKA also is.

In addition to KREKKA's two "tools" which he holds in his hands, he also has a flip-back disc launcher. A clever lever assembly is built into KREKKA's left side and provides a lever in the back for you to quickly switch between "packed-away in the back" and "ready-to-go". The disc launcher appears to be automated (in the story-sense, not in reality), which is a good thing if your hands are otherwise occupied. You can also swing KREKKA's head to and fro (by twisting a knob) as he scans the horizon for something to rough-up. A rubber-band in the set always brings his head back to center.

This set (and the other two) introduces one really-new piece: the striped hip-joint.

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You can put two of these pieces together with a 2-length axle and then you'll have an assembly much like the TOA METRU upper arms, only a little bit longer.

The stripe on these parts is not paint but a second, rubbery plastic which is fused to the rest of the piece. The stripes are not put to enormously great use here (or in the other two sets), but they do carry a visual theme and enhance visual continuity across separate pieces.

KREKKA's overall color scheme is navy-blue and white. MOC-makers might appreciate the navy-blue TOA NUVA shoulder armor and/or the aforementioned RAHKSHI foot. There is a large amount of silver everywhere too. Throw in some gray, black, and bright blue pieces, but keep in mind that these are used mainly internally.

As shown on the back of the box, the three new sets can be combined into something that looks like it came from Dr. Seuss on a bad day:

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